Lastolite Ezybalance Calibration Card LL LR1250

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The EzyBalance ‘point and shoot’ allows you to concentrate on the important part of photography, composition and ‘capturing the moment’. This handy double sided ‘pop up’ 18% grey/white card simplifies the complex technical issues surrounding exposure and colour correction when working in different lighting conditions. This provides a major benefit when working under pressure at events such as weddings or fashion shows.

The Lastolite EzyBalance Grey Card is a revolutionary tool ideal for adjusting color balance and exposure settings in both digital and film format cameras, as well as DV cams. The EzyBalance gives accurate colour rendition to cameras by providing a pure white surface upon which the camera can perform a white balance. The reverse side of the EzyBalance provides an 18% grey card surface suitable for adjusting the camera to get the most accurate exposure setting. The EzyBalance folds to just a third of its 12" opened round size making it infinitely more convenient and allowing it to fit into a small bag or pocket.

Suitable for all environments.
High quality, durable wipe-clean surface material 
Sewn to a sprung steel rim using triple row stitch technology for collapsability
Colour correction pre and post capture.
Exposure control pre and post capture.
Accurate colour rendition.
Double sided grey and white.
Unique focusing site.
For use with digital or film photography
Blue Carry bag 18cm 6.5" approx
Sourced direct from Lastolite UK, fully guaranteed