Adjustable Reflector

The 2ft, 3ft and 4ft Cubelite kits are shipped with an adjustable reflector. The reflector acts as a second light however it’s a lot more versatile.

The light from the fluorescent or tungsten lamp bounces off the reflector onto the opposite side of the product. The strength of the light bouncing off the reflector is not as bright as the original source so it creates a ‘modelling’ effect, which gives the product realistic three dimensional shape, tone and depth. If a product is lit from too many directions it has a tendency to look two dimensional and flat. The reflector itself is not permanently fixed to the Cubelite so it can be moved to create different effects on the lighting. The angle of the tilt will alter the intensity of the light being reflected back while maneuvering the reflector within the Cubelite can reposition the reflected light onto certain areas of the product. The same tilt and twist movements can also reposition the shadows.

The Reflector has both a silver side and a white side - try them both to see the different effect on the light.

When you are happy with the position of the reflector you can fix it in place temporarily using the adjustable cords.