Diffusing Fabric Construction

The Cubelite has been constructed using a specially formulated diffusing fabric. The main function of this fabric is to diffuse or soften the light entering into the Cubelite. This softening process means that the shadows and glare on the product become much softer and less distracting. Notice the difference between the shadows on the teddy bear pictures opposite.

By constructing the Cubelite using this fabric, the product is also automatically isolated from its surrounding environment. This is a particularly useful feature when trying to photograph products with a reflective surface. So often we see photographs of products where our eye is immediately drawn to the reflection of studio lighting, overhead beams, windows or even the photographer and his camera. With the Cubelite system, the reflection is still there however it’s the plain white diffusing fabric, which is significantly less distracting. Notice the reflections of the light and the shadows on the paperweight pictures opposite.

The third key advantage of the Cubelite’s shape, and the white diffusing fabric construction is that right from the beginning of the process Cubelite’s colour balanced material cuts down on image toning and provides a perfect, glare-free shooting environment.