The Range

Original Cubelite Kit

The highly successful Cubelite Kit has changed the lives of many of our customers, not to mention saved them a huge amount of time and money. Simple to operate, the Cubelite kit can create stunning professional looking images on a white (as supplied) or a coloured background. There is even space for the product shot to be themed using props and/or different textured materials.

The Cubelite kit is supplied with one light which should be placed on either the left or right hand side of the Cubelite, pointing directly into the centre of the white diffusing side panel. The silver reflector (which acts as a second light) should be positioned on the opposite side to the light source.

Once set up, operation is very simple. The light is softened as it shines through the diffusing side panel then bounces off the silver reflector pushing light back into the other side of the product. The silver reflector is not permanently fixed to the Cubelite, so you can manipulate it to create different effects with the lighting and the positioning of the remaining shadows. When you have selected the correct angle/tilt for the reflector it can then be held in position using the attached adjustable cords. When you are happy with what you see, take the shot.

The 2ft and 3ft Cubelite Kits can also be used with the NEW Cubelite Light Table which enables you to light your products from underneath to achieve completely shadow less images, ideal for instant ‘cut-outs’.